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Faisal Zedan offers a variety of group lessons and individual instruction formats. Specific workshops and lessons can be tailored to meet your need. Lessons over Skype are also available for your convenience. References from past events can be shared. Please send an email to request dates and to discuss pricing.

Intro to Arabic Percussion: Derbakki (Darabuka), Riqq, Duhulla or Def (frame drum)
Group Workshop: Up to 20 participants, 2 hours minimum
*Derbakki (Darabuka), Riqq, Duhulla OR Def (frame drum)
               This workshop covers a brief history of the drum, noting regional differences and approaches to the instrument. Learning the basic tones of the drum, emphasizing the proper technique and hand placement, will help develop the necessary mechanics for continued play and study. Students will be introduced to traditional Arabic rhythms, such as Maqsoum and Malfouf/Lef, and have many opportunities to incorporate the techniques covered at the beginning of the class. This workshop is interactive, with lots of time for playing built in, and appropriate for large groups of beginner (and some intermediate) students. Some drums can be provided, but for larger groups students will also need to bring their own.

Arabic Percussion Ensemble
Group Workshop: Up to 20 participants, 2 hours
*includes Derbakki (Darabuka), Riqq, Duhulla and Def (frame drum)
               In this workshop students will be exposed to different aspects of Arabic music with a focus on Arabic percussion. The class will cover the fundamental mechanics of a variety of Arabic drums (Derbakki, Riqq, Duhulla and Def or frame drums) noting regional differences and approaches to the instruments. Students will learn practice techniques to build proper form and strength. By playing together as a class, we will hear the ways the rhythms come together to support each other, and we will discuss how they work when accompanying melodies. We will look at the interplay between Arabic music and other middle eastern styles, as well as the influences of other neighboring cultures on the drumming tradition. Students will have many opportunities to play throughout the workshop, and will gain insight into a specifically Arabic approach to middle eastern drumming.

Intermediate/Advanced Arabic Drumming Lessons
For individuals or small groups: Up to 5 participants, 1 hour minimum
*Derbakki (Darabuka), Riqq, Duhulla or Def (frame drum)
               These lessons are for students who have accomplished basic technique and have a repertoire of Arabic rhythms they are working on. Focus will be on developing the hand for tone, accuracy, agility and speed. All students will learn approaches to hand and finger roles (qarshi) for the left hand (Traditional & Modern Arabic, & Turkish), and practice regimens to build both hands. Other topics for focus in lessons can include: syncopation in Arabic music, regional rhythms, playing and soloing in odd time signatures, accompanying melody, separation of the senses. These classes can be tailored to specific genres of music (classical, folk, belly dance and Sufi)  from a variety of regions (Arabic & Turkish, Balkans, Greek)

Arabic/Belly Dance Drum Solo
Group workshop for dancers or drummers: Up to 15 participants, 2 hour minimum
*Derbakki (Darabuka)
               For dancers...This workshop will help dancers understand the relationship between the lead drummer and the dancer, and how to have a more interactive dialogue. The phrasing and techniques employed by the lead drummer will be explained. Dancers will have a chance to play the basic beats and practice dancing, incorporating what they learned about drum phrasing.
               For drummers...This workshop will teach an approach to accompanying dance solos. Both the phrasing of the solos and how they can support the dancers will be covered. Building on simple to complex patterns, drummers can increase their vocabulary and level of support when in an Arabic dance setting.